Non-profit Intellectual Property Association

Evidences collection

We take care of the collection of evidences

Statement preparation

We prepare the full statement and send it to the appropriate office

Judgments enforcement

We are committed to collect the awards given in the decisions

A reply within 1 business day!

Each inquiry goes into our ticket system and sends you back an unique tracking reference.

Intellectual Property Strategies That Really Work

The problem with most intellectual property services nowadays is that they do not place the creator at the center. As more and more people do their intellectual property registration themselves, the new way to help the creators is to educate them. Consider this:
  • 30% of the registered trademarks do not offer the correct protection.
  • 10% of the registered designs are filed with a false declaration.
Making a mistake can happen to anyone however it can be costly in the course of your business.

We work with all the offices in the EU

We cover all the intellectual property offices of the EU, including the EUIPO (so a total of 26 – BOIP covering 3 EU countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg).

Paralegal work


We offer a review service to proof-read and/or correct drawings, logos, registration applications or any other submission.

Office Action

If you have received an Office Action: we are ready to submit the most appropriate reply for you.


The opposition procedure is the fastest and cheapest way to stop registration before it even start damaging you.


This is the most complex procedure as there are many steps involved in a cancellation of a registered intellectual property right.

Country of domicile

Our Association is Non-Profit and registered in France

Our Team

As a non-profit association: we do not have any shareholder. Three managers take care of the daily operations.


Chief Strategy Officer


Chief Data Officer


Chief Digital Officer

Proven protection

Create without infringing someone’s else intellectual property right.

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Is your marketing so bad that it does not need protection?

Believing that your creations do not need protection means that your creations are worthless. Are they?…

Intellectual Property is really the ability to be granted a monopoly: and to keep away your competitors!

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