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A design has to be what?

A registered design in the EU has an important requirement of: novelty! Only new designs can be granted protection.


We examine the correctness of design registrations in the EU and if the designs are new.

Got a cancellation procedure?

Your registered design might be cancelled. You can protect your business with a new design or a trademark

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You need to know the game's rules to be able to play

The problem with most intellectual property services nowadays is that they do not place the creator at the center.

As more and more people take control of their intellectual property registration, the new way to help creators is to empower them with knowledge.

It’s essential to understand that intellectual property ownership or title is a declaration, and accuracy is crucial. A mistake in the registration process can be costly and impact your business.

The principle is the same across all the offices in the EU

Due to the harmonization of the intellectual property offices of the EU, including the EUIPO (so a total of 26 – BOIP covering three EU countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), be sure that the intellectual property information is valid everywhere in the EU!


A Registered Design in the EU

In the European Union (EU), a registered design, also known as a Community design, is a type of intellectual property right that protects the appearance of a product or a part of a product. Here’s the definition:

Article 3 of the Community Design Regulation (EC) No 6/2002 states that: “A design shall be protected by a registered Community design if it is new, has individual character, and does not fall under the exclusions referred to in Article 8(2).

How is a design "new"?

In simpler terms, a registered design in the EU is a design that:

1. Is new: The design must not have been disclosed to the public before the application for registration.
2. Has individual character: The design must have a distinct appearance that sets it apart from other designs.
3. Does not fall under exclusions: The design must not be excluded from protection due to specific reasons, such as being dictated solely by technical function or being a component part of a complex product.

Registered designs in the EU are governed by the Community Design Regulation (EC) No 6/2002, which provides a unified system of design protection across all EU member states. By registering a design, the owner gains exclusive rights to make, offer, put on the market, import, export, or use products that incorporate the design.

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Is your marketing so bad that it does not need protection?

Believing that your creations do not need protection means that your creations are worthless. Are they?…

Intellectual Property is really the ability to be granted a monopoly: and to keep away your competitors!

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